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The Mission

Pastors Christopher & Susan Kasii

We went back to Duk Padiet in the expansive Jonglei State in the heart of Southern Sudan after a 5 month break. Following a training we held for 23 pastors in 2009, it was our joy to be back for their graduation and commissioning as well as sessions of mass evangelism and the showing of the Jesus Film in villages.

This mission also served as an opportunity for us to encourage our brothers and sisters in the south of Africa’s largest country as they approach a referendum which will hopefully see them emerge as an independent state from the North which is predominantly Muslim. We continue to pray for a peaceful transition period for this nation that has endured decades of civil war.

Duk Padiet in Jonglei State (Neighbouring the Upper Nile)

Following the long rains that began in May, many parts are still very wet. This makes it impossible to access the region as there are barely any developed roads. We thank God for providing the means that saw us take a Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) flight from Eldoret, KENYA to DUK PADIET through the Southern Sudan Capital, JUBA.

Our hearts are ever filled with passion for the people of Sudan. Their rousing welcome is to say the least, exhilarating! Upon touch down at the airstrip in DUK Padiet, our brothers and sisters welcomed us by washing our feet. This sign of humility, respect and servant hood remains vivid in our minds and hearts as we yearn to reach out farther to these lovely people with a hunger for practical application of the scriptures


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  1.   By Aaron on Dec 20, 2010 | Reply

    Welcome to! We\’re glad you are here and are looking forward to reading more about you and your ministry here on your website.

    If you need any help getting started, just let us know!

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